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The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Professor Kayode O. Adebowale, mni, FAS, has stated that the University of Ibadan has a very strong robust Registry that is grounded in tradition and with gatekeepers that are effective in ensuring that due process is adhered to in the University operations.

He spoke at the 2024 Registry Discourse of the University of Ibadan.

Professor Adebowale said that over the years, UI has been blessed with Registrars who are iconic in upholding the time tested tradition of excellence as instituted by the Founding fathers.

He described the Registry as the engine room and life wire  of any university, adding that no university can meaningfully operate without a virile Registry.

The Vice-Chancellor said a university is as good as its Registry. This, he said, explains why university administrations all over the world pay particular attention to the quality of their Registries  and the quality of Registry staff.

The Registrar, Mr Ganiyu O. Saliu said the Registry Discourse is an annual event that brings together academics, administrators, policy makers, and stakeholders in the higher education sector to discuss and exchange ideas on pertinent issues affecting the  system.

He said the envelope theme is "Evolution of the University Registry in a Globalized World" which reflects the changing dynamics and challenges of the Registry as the nerve centre of university administration.

The theme of this year’s Discourse was "Administration  of Higher Education Institutions in the Face of Public Policy Somersault." The discussion was led by Otunba Sola Olatunji, a renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and community leader, who has made significant contributions to the development of the energy sector and the Nigerian economy.

Otunba Olatunji, an alumnus of the University of Ibadan,  enumerated some reasons for policy somersault and the failure of the educational system.

He listed reasons for the failure of public schools and advised that Nigeria should allow public institutions to function according to the laws of the land and not allow individuals in public institutions  to personify public laws.

Otunba Olatunji called for total restraint of political authorities from interfering in the administration of higher education in Nigeria. This, he said, would  honestly prevent Policy somersault that has continued to characterise  our public institutions.

He also advised the government to adopt a solution approach to resolve policy somersault problems in the administration of higher education in Nigeria.

The UI Registry seized the opportunity of the Discourse to celebrate one  of its former Registrars, Mrs Omotayo 
Ikotun, who turned 70 earlier in the year.

A former Registrar  of the University of Lagos, Dr Taiwo Ipaye, was the Special Guest at the Discourse