Ekemezie Picture

Uchenna Kenneth EKEMEZIE, B.Sc, M.Sc (Ibadan), MANUPA

Deputy Registrar (Examinations, Records and Administrative Data Processing Division)

The Examinations, Records and Administrative Data Processing Division, is one of the newly created Divisions in the Registry in October 2018. It was created from the former Academic Division of the Registry.


The ERA Division is made up of the following units and sub-units:

  1. Examinations Unit 
  2. Students’ Records Unit
  3. Administrative Data Processing Unit
  4. Certificate Room 
  5. University Store

The Division coordinates units responsible for the following:

  • Processing of results of University Examinations
  • Creation, retention and retrieval of students’ records (undergraduate)
  • Issuance of official academic transcripts (undergraduate)
  • Issuance of Degree/Diploma Certificates and Statement of Results
  • Verification of Results/Certificates
  • Matriculation and Convocation Ceremonies of the University (in collaboration with the Division of Senate, Admission and Affiliated Institutions and Ceremonials Committee)

For enquiries, please contact or +2348033798244 or +2348061139089