The Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) of the University of Ibadan Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UI.CEI) are designed to equip Nigerians of all ages with the knowledge, skills and competencies that are needed to perceive, explore and exploit business opportunity to create economic or social value.

One of the CEI EDPs is Advanced Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ASEP), which focuses on developing people with the requisite knowledge about the world of non-governmental organisations and social enterprises and who are determined to up-skill to be able to start, build and manage sustainable businesses for social impact.

The current cohort of participants is the third set of the programme. This ASEP 3 is unique. There are 5 participants in the class. One of them is a man of over 80 years with his wife in her late 70s. One participant is an Anglican priest. The other two participants are PhD students of the University.