Specifically the following among others are the functions of the Centre:

· To educate and/or enlighten the members of the community with the view to giving them proper orientation on acceptable social norms/behaviours, including giving orientation on the University ethos to newly recruited academic staff in concert with appropriate units of the University.

· To organize educative programmes on social Behaviours through lectures/conferences/seminars/workshops/dramas/musical concerts in collaboration with relevant bodies in the university

· To organize interactive sensitization fora, where both students and university staff can interact outside the classroom through public education/enlightenment programmes

· To act as ombudsman in the university so that rifts among members could be nipped in the bud and thus minimized

· To receive and utilize information on anti-social behaviour for both preventive and curative measures depending on when such information was received

· To initiate measures aimed at preventing and checkmating all acts of violence including cultism and rescuing as well as rehabilitating the victims of such acts of violence.

· To take measures aimed at restoring, reintegrating and rehabilitating repentant cultists/perpetrators of violence in order to give them a new orientation.

· To counsel both staff and students on acceptable social behaviors as the need arises

· To mediate and use alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve conflicts in their infancy

· To research, monitor and evaluate the status of anti-social occurrences with a view to suggesting ways out

· To form some semi-formal intelligence gathering group/squad

· To work with and report cases requiring security attention to the security unit

· To create a website for information gathering from willing members of the general public including members of the UI community

· Perform any other such duties the VC may from time to time assign to the Centre

· To periodically publish and disseminate information on the right behaviour and on threats to good behaviour

· Develop policy on social behaviour by galvanizing whatever is on ground for the enlightenment of and behaviour guidance of the community including keeping our environment in order

· To produce annual report for Senate among others.

These functions automatically impose on the Centre the need to work in collaboration with the various units of the university if it is to make success of its mandate. In essence the mandate of the Centre is that it is foundational in nature, because when well performed, it establishes the foundations for the effective implementation of anti-cultism crusade, anti-corruption and transparency campaign, all forms of ethical orientation, quality assurance, gender mainstreaming, examination ethics, sexual harassment, campus safety mechanisms, general work ethics and harmonious co-existence, etc.

The following units will operate within its ambit:

· Anti-cultism

· Research and Intelligence

· Ombudsman and Ethics

· Education and Public Enlightenment. And

· Any such units as may become found needful in future.

· The Centre shall operate through the following committees:

ü Committee on Anti-Cultism

ü Ombudsman

ü Intelligence gathering and research

ü Publicity/public Social Orientation Enlightenment

ü Finance Committee which shall oversee the financial operations of the Centre

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