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The Botanical Gardens exist primarily to provide for botanical teaching and research in the University as well as recreation for all users; this it does by growing a wide range of plants in the open and few in shade houses, and by providing facilities for experimental work upon living plants. Plants from other countries both of economic value and intrinsic interest are continually introduced into the garden thus increasing the range of plants grown in the country. It is being developed to act as ex situ repositories of wild plant germ plasms and as a multipurpose resource centre for the study and conservation of biodiversity through research in botany, ecology, horticulture, habitat study, management and restoration, species reintroduction, environmental education and
sustainability. It is envisaged that the Garden will serve as a link with local communities and future generations.

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The vision of University of Ibadan Botanical Gardens

• To be at the forefront of protecting plant biodiversity on an international scale.

• To be the centre for plant conservation in order to prevent the extinction of Nigeria's native flora.

• To be the most - sought recreational venue for Nigerians especially in the South west

• To contribute to the educational development of the country.

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