Today is World AIDS Day and the Youth Friendly Centre, in collaboration with the ECO Friendly Centre at the University of Ibadan, is joining hands in solidarity with the world to raise awareness about the root causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS and also want to emphasize the dangers of not knowing one’s HIV status.

 HIV/AIDS can be contracted through so many ways such as the sharing of sharp objects(needles, razor blades, clippers) etc., to engaging in unprotected sex. As opposed to the famous quote that says; ‘Ignorance is bliss’, “Ignorance I dare say is deadly in this context”. Knowing your HIV status is the first step to living a healthier lifestyle. 

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, along with all the principal officers, the Dean and Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, the Security Units, the University Health Service Unit, and all other members of staff and students, organized an awareness rally to advocate and spread the message that says; “LET THE COMMUNITIES LEAD”.

 Dr Mrs Olukemi AKINYEMI, the Coordinator of the Youth-Friendly and Eco-Friendly Centre, has come up with an innovative strategy to combat the spread of a deadly disease. The centre offers free counselling, testing, and refreshments for everyone, to prevent the disease from spreading any further.