Dear Members of the University of Ibadan Community

I, on behalf of the Council, Senate and Members of the University Management Team, congratulate all of us for the Grace of witnessing this New Year, 2018. It is my prayer that this year will be a very fulfilling and rewarding one for us all and for our University. May the year grant us our heart desires.

I wish to express our appreciation for the collaborative efforts each member of staff has made which has culminated in the modest achievements that we recorded in 2017.

As Vice Chancellor, I take pride in what we have achieved together through the past year, as much as in what each and every one of you has demonstrated and become. This was done in spite of the challenging environment of last year. I must also mention that the staff strikes and Students’ demonstration witnessed in 2017, against the Federal Government, and in particular those directed at the University administration, have been most unpleasant while they also created a very unstable academic calendar. As unpleasant as these crises were, it is our hope that the University shall emerge stronger. It is in this light that I wish to appeal to all staff Unions to leave the acrimonies of 2017 behind, and work with renewed vigour and harmony for the progress of our great institution. This is the least that we owe the forerunners of the University for bequeathing a legacy of a great University which we are all proud of today. We need to forge ahead in the new year.

It is our hope that the current session will run to end smoothly while the 2017/18 session will commence soon and be hitch free.

Appreciably the University of Ibadan made progress in several ways with rankings as well as various stakeholders rallying support with matters that make the University of Ibadan truly the first and the best. I wish to place on record the outstanding interventions of the Chairman and members of Council, Senate and all well-meaning members of the university community.

This new year, we intend to continue in our efforts at accomplishing the vision of our University. We will continue to make academic excellence and staff and students’ welfare, our utmost priority. We intend to take the University to greater heights. These expected achievements will be the collective responsibility of all of us working as a team.

As we begin the New Year, let us learn to appreciate the love we share, and may our days be filled with bliss, cheer, and uncountable blessings.

Wishing you the best of this season and a happy new year.

Idowu Olayinka
01 January, 2018

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