10 MARCH, 2017



I thank the Joint Action Congress of SSANU, NAAT & NASU of the University of Ibadan for its Resolution which was communicated to me in a letter dated 8 March, 2017, and jointly signed by the Chairmen of the three afore-mentioned unions. Your commitment to the wellbeing of union members is very much appreciated as well as your will to find a lasting solution to the problems relating to salaries and allowances currently besetting us in the University of Ibadan. I also value your attendance and active participation at the meeting of stakeholders on 10 March,2017. Indeed, the untold hardship members of staff of the University have been subjected to because of the continued short-fall in staff salaries is highly regrettable.

Please find below the position of management in relation to the outcome of the stakeholders meeting on the eight issues (a-i) raised by the Joint Action Congress of SSANU, NAAT & NASU in its Resolution:

Resolution of Joint Action Congress of SSANU, NAAT &NASU

Demands by Joint Action Congress of SSANU, NAAT &NASU as Contained in its Resolution

Outcome of Stakeholders’ Meeting

a. That Council must set up a committee comprising the four (4) staff unions and the students union to look into the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the University and mode of expenditure.

a. This request is to be referred to the Council at its meeting of 16 -17 March, 2017

b. That University management should constitute a Committee comprising the four (4) staff unions that would undertake an independent staff audit.

b. The pay roll is available in hard and electronic copy and the unions are free to access to verify staff names listed in relation to specific units within the University.

Moreover, Management will recommend to Council to embark on a Staff Audit exercise.

c. That Council should mandate the Vice-Chancellor to present to the four (4) staff unions the budget, detailing the personnel cost and other capital/recurrent expenditures as presented to Senate.

c. This will be referred to the Council at its meeting slated for 16 -17 March, 2017, as requested

d. Convinced that pension’s deduction hitherto is illegal, University Management should refund the pensions deducted from 2004 till date.

d. The Employee’s Contributory Pension shown on pay slips is just a reflection of each member of staff’s pension contribution deducted by the Federal Government from source. Please note that NO PENSION DEDUCTION IS EVER MADE BY THE UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN.

e. University management should refund the short-fall in salaries for December 2015 and February – February, 2017 forthwith.

e. The Management of the University of Ibadan has taken positive steps to resolve the issue of short-fall in salaries by visiting Abuja on many occasions. The office of the Accountant General of the Federation has promised that March 2017 salary will be paid in full as it was in January 2017. It has also promised to refund the short-fall in February salary with the payment of April 2017 salary.

f. Promotions arrears till date should be paid.

f. The office of the Accountant General of the Federation has been informed of the promotion arrears. We are optimistic that this will be attended to soon.

Moreover, Management has been working hard to ensure that the various appointments and Promotions Committees meet regularly so that deserving members of staff can earn their promotions as and when due.

g. Pay-slips must be issued to date

g. The non-issuance of pay slips is a product of the non-payment of full-salary, which is a technical issue. Please be assured that Pay-slips will be issued as soon as each month salary is paid in full.

However, the Bursary will do its best to provide an interim pay-slip, whenever there is short-fall in salary, so that each staff will have adequate information on what has been paid into his or her bank account.

h. Staff school workers, in the light of the court judgment should be reinstated on the pay-roll and paid their full emoluments.

h. While the Management will be very happy to accede to this request, it is obliged, based on legal advice, to defer action given the directive that it should not take any action on this matter until directive is received from the Federal Ministry of Education. Management is not unmindful of the content and outcome of the judgement of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria but the resolution is solely dependent on the Federal Government giving full financial backing to the pronouncement of the Court.

The position of Management was communicated to the Acting Headmaster of Staff School on 1 March, 2017.

In the light of the above explanations, I implore the Joint Action Congress of SSANU, NAAT& NASU to give the University management some time to address all the issues raised in the Unions’ Resolution and constructively resolve them in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Please have the assurances of my best wishes and commitment to our collective wellbeing.

Thank you.

Idowu Olayinka

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