Greatest Uites
As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have over the years come to respect teaching as the noblest profession in the world and to regard my students as my best teachers, colleagues and mentees (Olayinka, 2015:109). The University of Ibadan as an institution of higher learning has, over the past seven decades, made attracting the most talented students its life blood. This is with the view to developing them to stand out as students in their course of study and in the employment market after graduation. This, amongst other things, makes us truly Number One: the first and the best. However, irrespective of the teaching and research procedure it is vital for you to know that preparation for examination and performance while sitting for examination is the conclusion of the process which culminates in the assessment of the capability and performance of each student.

This administration, in spite of its present financial constraints, is in constant touch with the fact that you are a new generation of learners who belong to the Net and Millennial Generations (i.e. ‘Screenagers’). Efforts are constantly made to ensure that our noble institution tries to meet these and other needs within the teaching and learning contexts. I, therefore, implore you to make the most of the examination period sourcing for materials to complement what you have been taught and study hard in preparation for the papers you are to be taking in order to truly remain the best.
Efforts are continually put in place to improve library resources and municipal facilities.

I, in person, have over the past two days visited all the nine undergraduate Halls of Residence on the Main Campus and Kenneth Dike Library in order to assess the state of readiness for your resumption. Foremost on my mind is your wellness, peace, ability to concentrate and security.

I encourage you to study hard and desire to be the best you were made to be. Striving to be the best leads to healthy competition among contemporaries. This is worth your while because several prizes and opportunities await those of you that excel at the end of your study here at the University of Ibadan and in the world at large.

Once again, I wish you the very best in your forthcoming examinations.


Olayinka, A. I. 2015. Agenda for the Accelerated Development of the University of Ibadan through Consolidation and Innovation, 2015-2020. Ibadan: Ibadan University Press. 289 pp.

Idowu Olayinka

University of Ibadan

2 July 2017

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