The University community is hereby informed that a client who was 1st seen on 10 December and later admitted in the University Health Centre overnight of 13/14 December tested positive to COVID-19.

The Oyo State Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was notified, inspected the premises, and recommended among other things the following:

. Immediate Disinfection/Decontamination of premises which has been done

. Follow up of all those who had contact with the client by the EOC

. Closure of clinic from 4pm 15 December 2020 for a 7day period. Opening will be subject to review by the Oyo State EOC. Beyond closure, the EOC is working with the UHS to ensure that all processes for safe work are put in place.

. NHIS enrollees may access care at Eleyele Police clinic during the closure.

Meanwhile, the COVID19 positive person is being attended to and there should be no panic.

Pls contact 09062974555 for further enquiries

Thank you