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                                                                          UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN

                                                                           INAUGURAL LECTURES

                                                    SESSION: 2022/2023     VENUE: TRENCHARD HALL




1532Professor J. O. OlopadeVeterinary AnatomyVeterinary MedicineHeadlines, Head-start Research and Headships in Ibadan: A Veterinarian's Academic Journey21 September, 2023
2533Professor S. O. AdedejiEducational ManagementEducationThe Nigeria Higher Education System: The Twin Problems of Inadequate Funding and Graduate Employability12 October, 2023
4534Professor Bukola F. AdeyemiOral PathologyDentistryWhy this destruction? Oral Cancer in focus02 November, 2024
5535Professor W. M. OlatokunData & Information ScienceMultidisciplinary StudiesInformation and Data Science as Shapers of the new World Order09 November, 2023
6536Professor A. O. OluwadareForest Production and ProductsRenewable Natural ResourcesScarcity in Abundance: the Pain of Nigerian Pulp and Paper Mills23 November, 2023
7537Professor O. IpingbemiUrban & RegionalEnvironmental Design & ManagementIt must not happen again-Achieving Vision Zero Road Traffic Fatalities through safe system approach07 December, 2023
8538Professor J. A. AdegbileInstitute of EducationInst. Of EducationA mat of Interwoven Fibres: Language Education and Educational Evaluation – A Language Educator- Evaluator's Experiences14 December, 2023
9539Professor O. E. OlubusoyeStatisticsScienceFrom Data to Wonders: Unlocking the Extraordinary power of statistics21 December, 2023
10540Professor O. A. LasisiOtorhinolaryngologyClinical SciencesGenes, Jinns, Jinx and Peter's Trial - Untangling the deafness knot11 January, 2024
11.541Professor K. A. AdedapoChemical PathologyBasic Medical SciencesElucidating the fingerprints of Chronic diseases: that life may be preserved18 January, 2024
12.542Professor A. O. FolawewoEconomicsEconomics & Management SciencesThe Unwanted and uncherished maid, yet saving grace for the reckless household head25 January, 2024
13.543Professor V. O. AdetimirinCrop and Horticultural SciencesAgricultureBlack Pot, White Gruel08 February, 2024
14.544Professor P. C. OzegbeVeterinary AnatomyVeterinary MedicineThe Witness: Light at the end of the tubule15 February, 2024
15545Professor M. A. OdeniyiPharmaceutics & Industrial PharmacyPharmacyWhatever you bind on Earth: New and Old Polymers in Pharmaceutical Engineering22 February, 2024
16.546Professor A. E. OrimadegunInstitute of Child HealthInstitute of Child HealthChild Health Dynamics: Chances, Choices and consequences07 March, 2024
17.547Professor Irene PogosonPolitical ScienceThe Social SciencesPower and Gender Relations in a changing International Political System14 March, 2024
18.548Professor A. T. HammedGuidance & CounsellingEducationWe die here today:Youth, Violence,Social Dysfunction and a Counselling Psychologist's Pathway to peace21 March, 2024
19.549Professor Adetola Jenyo-OniAquaculture and Fisheries ManagementRenewable Natural ResourcesFrom Aquatic Splendour to Wealth Creation: Towards sustainable Management of Nigeria's Wetland Fisheries Resources04 April, 2024
20.550Professor J. A. OtegbayoMedicineClinical SciencesThe Human Workhorse and Microbial Afflictions: Hepatitis B: Its fatal sting and tragic trajectory18 April, 2024
21.551Professor Deborah O. AjayiMathematicsScienceExploration of Pure Mathematics: Intersection of the abstract, beautiful and useful25, April, 2024
22.552Professor O. A. OyesilePhilosophyArtsAfrican Philosophy and the Unending quest02 May, 2024

  UNIVERSITY LECTURE: Professor A. O. Omigbodun, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

                                          16 May, 2024 

                                          23 May, 2024

                                  30 May, 2024