Inaugural Series

Series No Date Fullnamesort descending Department Title Lecture Video Abstract
07/06/2017 Prof A.E Ayodele Botany Plant Taxonomy Organising the Diversity of Nature
308 05/05/2016 Prof Adegoke, A. O. Pharmaceutical chemistry Of colours, colourants and coloured substances: a pharmacist's tripodal trawl
07/30/2015 Prof Adegoke, G. O Food technology Microorganisms, spices and food safety: the wonderful three-fold cord
05/21/2015 Prof Alada, A. R. Basic Medical Science The gut: a novel participant in glucose homeostasis?
08/27/2015 Prof Dosumu, O. O. Dentistry By their teeth you shall know them: prosthodontist's perception of the contribution of tooth loss to health
07/27/2017 Prof E.A Iyayi Animal Science Whatever Goes on Inside is revealed outside; The case of Nutrient Dynamics and Sustainable Animal Productivity
07/02/2015 Prof Egunyomi, D. A. Adult Education Balancing life equation with continuing education
03/17/2016 Prof Ehigie, B. O. General publications Psychological soft skills for value-added academic and career practice
04/18/2013 Prof Emeke, E. A. Academics Publications Psychology in evaluation and evaluation in psychology: the experiences of a counsellor-evaluator
08/09/2016 Prof Ewete, F. K crop protection and environmental biology Insects: friends or foes?
451 08/17/2017 Prof F.O OLAYEMI Vet. physiology pharmacology and biochemistry AXIS OF LIFE
11/27/2014 Prof Falade, C. O. Basic medical sciences Fighting a moving target: malaria the pains and the gains
305 03/03/2016 Prof Farombi, E. O Basic medical sciences Chemopreventives: untapped genii that compromise the science of the ''killers''
03/17/1988 Prof Filani, M. O. Geography Mobility and survival: a nation's dilemma
08/13/2015 Prof Idowu, S.O. Pharmaceutical chemistry The lesson of the loaves: small machines, big impact in drug analysis
08/04/2016 Prof J. A. Ademokoya Special Education “ Hear Well, Speak Well and Learn Well”
04/14/2016 Prof Kolawole, C. O. Teacher Education Language, education and the curriculum nexus: pathway to achieving sustainable development in Nigeria
09/15/2016 Prof Ladele, A. A. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Extension everywhere, extending nowhere: the cacophony of agricultural extension in Nigeria
08/11/2016 Prof M. O. Oyeyemi Veterinary Surgery & Reproduction “Spermatozoa: Staff of Offence and Defence”
08/25/2016 Prof O. A. Ugwumba Zoology “From Surface Waters To The Deep Sea Bed: Fish, The Real Maters of The Aqua World”


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