Historically, the U.H.S started at Abadina road as a Dispensary in 1953 providing only minor curative interventions. The health team then comprised a medical officer, two nurses and a hospital maid. The Environmental health division was later added to provide Sanitation Services. It later acquired the vacated Audit Department Building just across and opposite the present complex on Jaja Avenue in 1963 for Senior Staff medical care only.

The University Health Service has since relocated to a more central place on - Jaja Avenue. It evolved from a single building to a four-building hospital complex. Worthy of mention are those who in the past nurtured and directed the affairs of the service viz Drs Alexander Boyd, Ajayi Obe, (Mrs.) Adeloye, (Chief) Mrs. Balogun, and (Rev.) Ogunbunmi.

With increase in the population, change in the University policy as a trainer of trainers with attendant high proportion of postgraduate students, there is a change in the pattern of disease being treated. Medical conditions associated with lifestyle are now on the increase. The UHS had to increase the services available at the center in response to the needs of client’s. The U.H.S experienced tremendous growth in the areas of infrastructure, personnel and services in the last 4 years.