The University Health Service

The University Health Service provides preventive, curative and environmental health services to all registered students, as well as to all members of staff and their dependants.

The University Health Centre is located on Jaja Avenue. It is made up of a Records area, two big general waiting rooms, seven consulting-rooms, a large and a small laboratory, a pharmacy, two recovery rooms, two injection rooms, a minor operation theatre, an X-ray unit, a health visitors' clinic in two rooms, store rooms, various general offices for administrative staff and one Director's Office.

Adjacent to the. Health Centre IS an 18-bed Sick Bay for the treatment and Isolation of student-patients not III enough for ·referral.

There is an establishment of one Director of Health, seven doctors and eighteen nursing sisters, three pharmacists, two laboratory technologists, three health visitors and various ancillary personnel.

1. The Curative unit provides consultations, investigations and treatments to patients on weekdays and emergency services on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. There are facilities for laboratory investigations, pharmacy service and minor operations. During vacation, only students officially in residence may receive treatment.

2. The Public Health Unit is in charge of Child Welfare Clinic, Counseling Programme, Health Education and Health visits to kitchens, Canteens, Cafeterias and Halls of residence to advise on and supervise their cleanliness and hygiene.

3. The Environmental Unit of the Health Services is run by two health officers and 15 health assistants. They are responsible for the collection and disposal of refuse from living quarters, faculties, etc. They do general scavenging duties, pet and pest control, control of stray animals, combat bees and snakes and clean drains and gutters.

Regulation on Health Services

The following are the rules and regulations governing services in the University.

1. Medical registration at the Health Centre is mandatory all categories of students including those who are undergoing registration towards full admission into university.

2. The University reserves the right not to issue Certificate of Admission where a candidate has not undergone medical registration.

3. For the avoidance of doubt, students' (or would-be students') registration shall not be deemed complete until medical registration has been satisfactorily complied with.

4. The University reserves the right to refuse to let any student write examinations in the University where it is discovered that such a student has not undergone medical registration at the University's Health Center

5. All students and would-be students shall be require to pay a token amount of one thousand naira (N1,000.00) only, or such amount as reviewed from time to time appropriate Committee(s) of the University, as part of process of medical registration.

6. Specifically all students and would-be students College of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine such other Faculties or Departments as may be a this category from time to time by the University, administered anti-rabies and Hepatitis B vaccine beginning of each academic session and/or designated periods as the University may determine.

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