Welcome to Careers Placement and Counselling Unit


The Unit is committed to serving students in their career quests and other needs that may require professional counselling support. Though, limiting itself to areas of actual competence of professionals and support staff in the Division, as an integral part of the Student Affairs Division, the Career Guidance and Counselling Unit promotes University Community welfare by extending support services to staff of the University. The counselling aspect of the services provides, systematic and creative psycho-social therapies that emphasize non-clinical practice while clinical related cases are referred to appropriate quarters; all in a bid to ensure qualitative service delivery in provision of overall wellness of students and staff. The Unit works in conjunction with other collaborating agencies as well as with other departments and units to enhance the overall conducive campus climate.

Initial appointments are made on a same-day basis by calling the Counselling Officers on +234-08-3065929, +234-7044650626 or +234-80-63309946. Although appointments are usually between 8:00am and 4:00pm, further contact hours are provided based on the needs of the counsellee (s). Appointments are granted on a first-call basis as they tend to fill up quickly; hence, students are encouraged to call early on the day that they would like to meet with a counsellor. From the first appointment all transactions are highly confidential. The counsellors are enthusiastic to attend to clients at all appointments and to offer non-clinical diagnosis to clients to evaluate their case (s) before proffering whatever support service(s) or resources that would be appropriate. Some clients do find out that talking with a counsellor once is sufficient to resolve their immediate worries or concerns. However, if further services would be required, these will be discussed and recommendations made.

The Counselling Unit also provides urgent services to offer support to students with psycho-social needs and other peculiar concerns all days of the week. Besides, referral services rendered by the Unit are often accompanied by appropriate follow-ups. Students are required to call the Officers if in immediate need to meet with a counsellor. If concerns exceed the scope of the Unit’s short term counselling focus, or if recommended resources are not available within the University, clients are referred to appropriate therapists or centres for adequate and qualitative attention. In an effort to ensure that students have all-time access to important information, the University publishes its Official Bulletin from time to time and the student Information Handbook annually.

As part of important information, enclosed in the Student Information Handbook are matters ranging from admissions, accommodations (lodgings) to other student support services. Students are enjoined to consult the Student Information Handbook regularly; particularly, page 148 where matters relating to the roles of the Career Guidance and Counselling Unit are specifically emphasized. From the point of admission, the Student Information Handbook is handed to every new student. From this point, the Student Affairs Division is not unaware of the difficulties faced by students. Hence, through the Career Guidance and Counselling Unit, efforts of the Admissions Office is augmented in terms of offering deeper explanations to the freshmen on choice of courses of study, modalities for change of course of study and provision of temporary accommodation for those in dire need of such facility.

Many Corporate organizations and agencies do collaborate with the Student Affairs Division on career support and provision of internship slots for students of the University. Periodically, the Student Affairs Division enters into partnership with these organizations to organize Career Talks, Interviews and Aptitude Tests for students of the University. It is noteworthy to recall that many students have benefitted from the Career Talks and specialized lectures so far organized in the University on job prospects and placement in industries, as they have got appointments through contact established therefrom.

The Faculties of Technology, Science and Agricultural and Forestry have standing relationships with some production and manufacturing industries which ensure regular intakes of students for field training as intern from time to time.

The Unit also sources for scholarship awards for students of the University and provides guiding information to them on available ones on a regular basis.

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