In the last few years, the community has grown in population and desires. The range and depth of information available on the internet has turned members- clients inclusive to knowledgeable and discerning consumers. The UHS remains committed to responding to their health needs. The conventional wisdom is that the demand for services comes from within not from without. In addition to a compulsory medical screening of students/staff, the U.H.S now offers the following services.

1. General Outpatient Clinic (8: 30 am to 4:00pm). Monday to Friday excluding public holidays by appointment or walk-in.

2. Emergency / Urgent care: 24 - hour service.

3. Special Clinics

(a) Mental Health Clinic: - With a Visiting Psychiatrist Wednesday (8:30am to 4:00pm).

(b) Surgical out-patient /Orthopedic clinic with a Visiting Orthopedic Surgeon Tuesday (12noon – 3:00pm)

(c) Dental Clinic and Diabetic Clinic: are scheduled to take off in December 2012. Visiting Consultants have been nominated.

(d) Ante-natal Clinic Wednesday 8.00am – 2.00pm

(e) Infant Welfare Clinic: Thursday 8:00am – 2:00pm

(f) Family Planning Clinic: Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm

(g) Counseling Clinic: 24 hour Service

4. In- patient care: - A 20 bed ward with the male and female wings well demarcated. This facility has rooms where students with contagious ailments could be quarantined. Services include laundry and social support

5. Public Health Services: - Immunization, Infant and Maternal clinics (in collaboration with Oyo-State Government), Family Planning Services, (in collaboration with control of Infectious and Communicable Diseases) partnership with the Damien Foundation (T.B &others) and weekly Public Health Visits to Faculties (Health posts).

6. Laboratory Services: - Basic Laboratory services for Primary and Secondary levels of care.

7. Medical Social Work Services: For counseling, student support, situational crisis management, referrals, home visits, sex and sexualities issues. The University has a policy on HIV/AIDS.

8. Visual Care:- UHSprovides visual care, free medical eye screening, correction of refractive errors and first- aid treatment of eye emergencies

9. Data Management / Health Records Services: - UHS collects and evaluates health statistics to measure progress towards UHS health objectives. Quarterly health reports on hospital attendance /Utilization Records in the OPD, emergency room, Sick – bay and at the various Health posts including the Sports Clinic admission/discharge records disease pattern, Surveillance and suggestions / interventions are also included in the report.

10. Pharmaceutical Services for drug prescriptions and counseling

11. Environmental Health Services: The unit handles pests/rodents control by fumigating the various halls of residence just before the commencement of each session. The projection for 2012/2013 session is to fumigate the various halls twice a year. The unit manages the various septic tanks (evacuation of septic tanks] .The management of refuse is currently out-sourced while the unit provides an over-sight function.

The Environmental Heath Unit in conjunction with the Public health Matrons visit periodically and also do on-the-spot assessment of Eateries and cafeteria in the various halls. They are also involved in the screening and training [certification] of the various food handlers.

12. Physical Therapy: - U.H.S offers both primary and secondary levels of care to students/clients including first aid treatment of sport injuries.

13. Electronic Services: Management introduced e-service in the UHS early in the year. This has greatly reduced the waiting period, enhanced services and data management.

14. Ambulance services: The unit operates 24hours/day