UHS depends on people both as patients and providers. Students, staff and dependants receive basic health care from experienced and caring staff.

The UHS staff includes:

(1) Clinical staff

Fifteen board-certified Medical officers with bias in various fields - Family Medicine, Community Medicine, General Practice and Managerial Psychology. There are 30 registered Nurses. Majority of the Nurses have at least 10 years clinical care experience. They also have double qualification (General nursing and midwifery). The number of clinical staff increased over the years to meet the health needs of the growing population. The Doctors and Nurses work with other clinical staff-the UHS has 7 laboratory Technologists, 6 Council-registered Pharmacists, 2 board registered Physical Therapists and 2 Optometrists. The backup team consists of 5 registered Medical Social Workers, 6 Health Information Officers and Public Health Educators. An Assistant Chief Health Officer oversees the Environmental Health unit of the health services.

(2) Auxiliary staff: includes administrative officers, orderlies, porters and ambulance drivers.

The demand for care increased in the last decade due to increased awareness, a fall out of the primary health care education campaign activities necessitating the need to take health to the doorstep of clients (accessibility) in an acceptable way. The University responded to this challenge by increasing the staff strength.

Recruitment: UHS attracts caring and experienced student friendly personnel.

Staff orientation is centered on QUALITY and SAFETY. Members are trained to promptly respond to the needs of clients.

Staff welfare: is also a top priority. Nursing mothers are encouraged to practice what they preach i.e. -exclusive breast-feeding for the first 6 months. The U.H.S has a room dedicated as crèche for Nursing-mothers - they are allowed to come to work with their babies and Nannies.