S/N Name Position

1. K.A. Aderinboye - Chief Library Officer II

2. I.A. Adebayo - Senior Library Officer

3. Edith O. Nwokolo - Asst. Chief Secretary

4. D.E. Isong - Higher Technical Officer

5. Olufunmilayo T. Amole - Assistant Executive Officer

6 Dorcas O. Ajadi - Computer Operator

6. Emmanuel O. Oni - Senior Library Assistant

7. Tosin O. Fariogun - Senior Library Assistant

8 Victoria I. Imafidon - Library Assistant

8. T.A. Ajani - Messenger

9 Tabitha Olawuwo - Porter

10 I. Faloye - Porter

The Centre encourages mutual relationship among all categories of students in the Centre. The establishment and operation of the Abadina Media Resource Centre Students’ Association (AMRCSA) are within the laws governing the establishment of students’ body in the University of Ibadan. The Association allows the students to express themselves, relate and seek clarification on matters of concern. All registered students for courses of the Centre should be members of the Association and play active roles in the Association from time to time. The Centre has also put in place a structure that further strengthens the tie between the staff and students and alleviates students’ challenges. Academic staff members have been designated as Staff Adviser/Coordinator and Deputy Coodinators across levels of study. Issues relating to academic and non-academic matters vis-à-vis general welfare of students can be discussed with course advisers from time to time.