The Training and Industrial Relations Officer, among others, performs the following functions:

  • Advises management on industrial relations issues from time to time;
    • Prepares briefs on Unions for the Registrar;
      • Collates necessary data required for negotiations with representatives of the unions;
        • Liaises with the appropriate Government’s Ministries and Agencies for necessary advice on matters involving trade disputes between the Union(s) and the Management from time to time;
          • Serves as Secretary at the meetings between the Management and the Unions.
            • Attends the meetings of the Nigerian Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA), Ibadan Geographical Group.
            • The Council Secretariat being the engine room for the operations of the business of the University Governing Council is under the direct control of the Registrar. A Deputy Registrar who is responsible to the Registrar heads the Secretariat.
              Composition of the Council: The current membership of the Governing Council of the University as contained in the Military Government Decree of 1st January, 1993 which amended the Acts of Nigerian Universities, as well as in the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) amendment Act 2003 is as follows:
              a) the Pro-Chancellor
              b) the Vice-Chancellor
              c) the Deputy Vice-Chancellor
              d) one person from the Federal Ministry responsible for Education
              e) four persons representing a variety of interests and broadly representative of the whole Federation to be appointed by the National Council of Ministers
              f) four persons appointed by the Senate from among its members
              g) two persons appointed by Congregation from among its members
              h) one person appointed by Convocation from among its members
              The Governing Council is the highest decision-making body of the University. It is responsible for the good order and governance of the Institution and for its vision, mission, financial policy, performance, quality and reputation. However, it is not involved in the day to day management of the University as that is the responsibility of the executive management led by the Vice-Chancellor, who is in turn accountable to the Council.
              Functions of the Council Secretariat: The Secretariat of Council is saddled with the following responsibilities:
              i. to provide essential support services and welfare for the members of the Governing Council;
              ii. to ensure timely preparation of the meetings of Council as stipulated in its Standing Orders;
              iii. to prepare the draft agenda for the meetings of Council, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Audit Sub-Committee of the Finance and General Purposes Committee and Petitions Committee;
              iv. to prepare documents of Council’s decisions within 48 hours to the relevant bodies in the University for implementation;
              v. to serve any ad hoc Committee set up by Council from time to time;
              vi. to prepare the extracts of the decisions taken at Council meetings within 48 hours. The extracts are to be circulated to all members as well as published in the University Official Bulletin for the information of the entire community of the University;
              vii. the Administrative Officers led by the Deputy Registrar (Council) in the Secretariat, are to be in attendance and to take minutes at the following meetings:
              a) Finance and General Purposes Committee
              b) Joint Council-Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees and Fellowships
              c) Joint Council-Senate Committee on Naming of Buildings and Streets
              viii. the Deputy Registrar (Council) is to serve as Secretary to the following Committees as being delegated by the Registrar:
              a) Audit Sub-Committee for Finance and General Purposes Committee
              b) Council Committee on Petitions
              IX. to carry out any other duties as assigned by the administration through the Registrar.
              The Units of the Council Secretariat. The functions of the Council Secretariat have increased with the complexity of the University. The Secretariat has been divided into five units, namely:
              a. Welfare Unit
              b. Committee Unit
              c. Archives/Records Unit
              d. Computer Unit
              e. Transport Unit

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