Director's Welcome Address

Health is defined by WHO as not just the absence of disease or infirmity but a state of complete/perfect physical, mental and social wellbeing.

‘A state of perfect biological, psychological and social wellbeing has been described as a nonentity. It is obvious that health is not static in an individual’. It is a pleasure to share information on a centre dedicated to respond to your health needs. At the University of Ibadan Health Services (primary health care provider), we provide Quality health care through health promotion, disease prevention, curative, and rehabilitative services.

Taking care of your health can be daunting with help from others; fortunately UHS has a caring and experienced staff dedicated to your health needs.

We work to improve the health of students, staff, staff dependants and the U.I. community as a whole by providing a wide range of clinical, public health and community services. Our services are backed by an efficient referral system.

Student Health Services

The reciprocal relationship between health and academic performance is well documented.

Take advantage of our Student Health Services while you are in U.I.

We are more than a health clinic; we are here to improve you as a health consumer for life.

The yearly student medical screening exercise is synonymous with our outfit. Statistics show an increase in non-communicable diseases which are mainly lifestyle related.

In the 2011/2012 sessions, our goals are,

i.) To improve access to quality care by establishment of 3 additional Health posts.

ii.) To sensitize students on Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Program (TISHIP).

iii.) Renew and strengthen our partnerships with Student bodies, the University College Hospital (UCH), Damien foundation, Society for Family Health and (NURHI) Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative etc.

iv.) To increase our outreach programmes to Faculties.

v.) To create opportunities for best practices and learning.

Leadership at our various sub units is geared towards assisting you by removing barriers to learning at U.I.

Together we can make UHS a real success.

Staff; Workplace and Health

Working in U.I. is enhanced by quality health care delivered by caring and skilled health personnel who understand the dynamics between good health and work performance. The recently conducted staff medical screening of about 4,000 clients was a huge success.

I congratulate members of staff for seizing this opportunity. I appeal you cooperate with UHS in building a Healthy body, mind, and environment through balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, provision of social support and community participation.

Best of Health

Dr O. Akingbola O.O.