Client’s Rights and Responsibility

Client’s Rights

Clients have the right to:

· Be treated with dignity and respect irrespective of sex, age, race, religion or ability.

· Privacy and Confidentiality.

· Receive quality care and humane treatment.

· Have their opinion and beliefs respected.

· Refuse care.

· Be part of the health decision.

· Voice complaints.

· Change their health care provider.

· Refuse to take part in research studies.

Client’s Responsibilities

Clients have the responsibilities to:

· Treat the UHS staff with respect.

· Provide complete, accurate, and adequate information about their health.

· Ask questions (for clarification about their condition or treatment.)

· Inform their health care provider about any change in their health.

· Express their concern and suggestions about their health.

· Promptly follow management plan.

· Pay hospital bills where applicable.