Curator: Dr Taiye R. Fasola, Email: [email protected], Phone: 234-8055303348, 234-8184520776


The University of Ibadan Botanical Gardens is situated some 3km to the north of the city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria at latitude 7o 26
¢ North and longitude 3o 54¢ East and at a mean altitude of 227m above sea level. The Botanical Gardens of the University is being developed to over 100 acres on the North of the site. Only about 70 acres have been developed. The University of Ibadan Botanical gardens undertake conservation programmes on a wide range of endangered and threatened plants mainly supporting in situ conservation programmes. The Gardens have over the years demonstrated a high sense of commitment to recreation, education, conservation and sustainable environmental
needs of the country as the foremost botanical garden in this part of the world. This could be attested to by the wide range of orchid collections, Bryophyte/fern collections, economic trees, palms and both indigenous and exotic flora as well as the ornamentals. Various exchange programmes existed between the gardens and other gardens of the world.


Workers landscaping the entrance to the Gardens

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