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The Industrial Training Coordinating Centre occupies a building along Amina Way in the University campus. The building houses the Industrial Coordinators, the administrative and secretarial staff, a small library for the students Work Reports and a seminar room.

For the operation of the Centre, there are four Industrial Coordinators, an Assistant Director and the Director of the Centre. These officers are assisted by support staff – Secretary, Typists, Executive Officer, Drivers and a Messenger.

The Centre manages the three modules of industrial training in the University. The first module is for two months and this is taken by all 200-level Engineering and Food Technology students in the University. This module of Industrial Training is designed to expose the students to engineering and technology operations at the shop floor level. The second module is for three months.
This is for the 300-level students of Engineering, Food Technology, Geography, Biochemistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, and Library Science and Veterinary Medicine. The third module is however for six months and it is taken by 400-level students of Engineering,Food Technology, Botany, Microbiology, Computer Science, Zoology, Agriculture
and Physiotherapy.

Generally, the duties of the Centre in the management of the industrial training of the students are as stated below:

  • Soliciting for Industrial Training jobs in business, industry, government and service agencies depending upon the needs and qualifications of the students.

  • Placement of students in industries etc. after analyzing the technical contents of jobs provided.

  • Supervision of students while on Industrial Training.

  • Conducting follow-up activities regarding all students’ placements by checking regularly each student’s job performance through company visits and individual student interviews.

  • Organization of seminars for students after Industrial Training programme.

  • Evaluating feedback from the industry regarding the students’ Industrial training with continuous assessment of this Cooperative Education Programme in order to monitor and improve its quality.

  • General management, administration and control of Industrial Training activities of students of all Faculties involved in industrial training at the University of Ibadan.

  • Liaison between the University of Ibadan and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), the National Universities Commission (NUC) and other relevant Government Agencies in the operation of Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S.).

  • Establishing and fostering contacts between the University, Educational Institutions, Government Departments and Industries at necessary levels of cooperation.
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