The University has a tradition of a vigorous, free student's press, and deliberately encourages responsible freedom of and expression and speech in keeping with the best standard of University tradition. There are many student publications on the campus, which include "the Beacon" (a literary publication), "The Anvil" (the Student Union newspaper), "The Bug" and "The Lipstick" (both cartoon-type satirist publications), "Awareness Organization", the" Militant", "The Scorpion", and a host of others.

All students publications are undertaken by the students under minimum control or assistance by the University authorities in accordance with laid down University regulations.

The Student Press Council

There is a Press Council with powers to ensure that in expressing their independent opinions and views, student publications and journalists keep within the canons of responsible journalism such as avoidance of libel, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on personal integrity and the techniques of harassment and innuendo. The Press Council has jurisdiction over all student Publications, without prejudice to the powers of the Deputy Registrar (Students) on this matter.

General Regulations

· Only registered student organizations may produce any publication or printed matter bearing the name of the University or purporting to emanate from it. Printed matters published by students of the University of Ibadan may be sold on the campus only if they are produced or sold by a registered organization.

· All student publications must carry the names of the organization responsible for the publication and the name(s) of individual(s) on the editorial board.

· Any student organization which publishes, sells, or distributes printed or otherwise reproduced materials on the campus is responsible for those materials including any matter arising from them, e.g libel etc.

· All student publications must state explicitly on the editorial page that the opinions expressed there are not those of the University or its student body as a whole. The following 5. types of publications are prohibited on the campus and editorial page that the opinions expresses are subject to disciplinary action:

(a) Publications which are libelous and/or slanderous;

(b) Publications which are obscene;

(c) Publications which incite violence;

(d) Publications which are not properly titled.

· Two copies each of every publication shall be deposited in the Library and the student Affairs Division and any other place that the Press Council may, from time to time, determine.

Regulations on circulated literature

The University approves newspapers/magazines and student publications that have been screened and found worthy to operate on campus. In this connection:

· No publication - letters/bulletins/circulars - shall be allowed if it is capable of inciting students against constituted authority in the University, or one section of the community against another.

· It shall constitute an offence in the nature of unruly behavior and insubordination to publish or disseminate written materials that defame any member of staff or student or are found to be false, spurious and/or unsubstantiated.

· Any student found guilty of these allegation of publishing or disseminating false, spurious, damaging and unsubstantiated information about the character and integrity of another person in the University, shall be punished with rustication for a maximum of two semesters and thereafter, if unrepentant, with expulsion.

· Reparation may include retraction and/or written apology to the person(s) written against and whose reputation has been battered or impugned.

· All student publications must state explicitly on the editorial page that the opinions expressed there are not those of the university or, where relevant, its student body as a whole.

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