Departmental Structure

The Department has two (2) main divisions:

o Operations and Maintenance

o Physical Development and Construction

Duties and Responsibilities
• Water Distribution and Maintenance
• Water Production
• Electrical Mains
• Rewinding
• General Electrical Workshop
• General Mechanical Workshop
• Power Generation and Distribution
• Roads and Grounds                                                                   Download the Organogram
• Maintenance of Public and Residential Buildings
• Wood Workshops
• Architectural Services
• Quantity Surveying
• Civil/Structural Engineering Consultancy Services
• Sewage
• Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
• Auto-Mechanical Workshop
• Motor Drivers Section
• Electricity Meter Reading and Installation
• Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services
• Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services
Main Sections
A) Operations and Maintenance
• Water and Sewage
• Power House
• General Electrical Workshop
• General Mechanical Workshop
• Water Treatment Plant
• Awba Dam
• Eleyele Pumping Station
• Sign-Writing and Spraying Workshop
• Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
• Auto-Mechanical Workshop
• Meter Reading
• Rewinding Workshop
• Electrical Mains
• Over-head Cables

B) Physical Development and Construction
• Architectural Design Unit
• Civil/Structural Engineering Unit
• Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services
• Quantity Surveying Unit
• Wood Workshop
• Roads and Grounds
• Land Surveying
• Drawing Office
• Public and Residential Buildings
• Building Services Design and Installation
• Direct Labour Unit

C) General Services
• Administration
• Internal Audit
• Stores
• Accounts Section

Water Section
• There are two main sources of raw water –
• Eleyele River through Oyo State Government
• Awba Dam

• Capacity of Water Treatment Plant – 6,000,000litres/day

• Pipe network of various sizes for distribution
• Total length of pipes – 82 kilometers

• There is a standard Quality Control Laboratory which ensures that water is produced to WHO standard

• Water supply is complemented with Boreholes, particularly in Halls of Residence

• Efforts are on to :
o Increase raw water in-take
o Renew the reticulation network and
o Enhance the water treatment capacity

• Electricity is supplied by PHCN to campus at 33KV
• There are two main feeders :
• Aiyede Sub-station
• Shasha Sub-station
• Power Generation Augmentation
• There is a Power House for 5No 2MVA Generating Sets
• At the moment there are 2No 2MVA Cummins Generating Sets
• Current Power Requirement of the University – 6MW
• Available power output from Generating Sets – 2.56MW
• Power Distribution at 11KV
• There are 41Nos In-door and Out-door Sub-stations
• Total length of Underground High Tension Cables – 25km
• Total Length of Low Tension Underground Cables – 75km
• Efforts are on-going to:
o Renew cables
o Improve on control and protective Devices
o Acquire more generating sets
o Engage in the IPP Scheme

General Mechanical Workshop
• The Department has a well-equipped mechanical workshop
• Capabilities -
o Welding
o Blacksmithing
o Fabrication and
o Repair of light equipment /facilities such as
* Burglary proofs
* Water Tanks
* Lighting poles
* Metal Barricades
* Spikes
* Parts for water and electrical equipment

Roads and Grounds
• Maintenance of :
o Roads
o Drains
o Grounds
Civil Section
• Production and Maintenance of chairs, tables, stools etc
• Direct labour construction activities
• Maintenance activities in public and residential buildings

Air-Conditioning and Refridgeration Unit
• Capacity to install and maintain air-conditioners and other household items:
o Central air-conditioning system
o Split Units
o Window Units
o Refrigerators
o Cold Rooms etc

Physical Development and Construction

• The Department has qualified and highly experienced professionals
• Engineers :
o Electrical
o Mechanical
o Civil/Structural
o Water
• Architects
• Quantity Surveyor

• Capacities:
• Development of briefs
• Feasibilities studies
• Environmental Impact Analysis
• Projects :
o Designs
o Supervision
o Administration
o Management
o Production of as-built drawings

Project Types:
* Interior Decoration
* Rehabilitation
* Up-grades
* Conversions
* Recreation
* Road Construction
* Building Construction

The Works and maintenance Department is charged with provision and maintenance of infrastructural facilities in the University for teaching, learning and research through the activities of the Department. This underscores the weight of the responsibilities on the department.
Then underscores the weight of the responsibilities on the department.
The University of Ibadan is a mature institution, having been in existence for sixty-three years. Thus, contending with aging infrastructures is a real challenge. The departments therefore on its toes to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and ever-increasing demanding for service in the 21st century.
The Works and Maintenance Department is omitted to satisfying its clientele which comprises of every member of the university community. The lives of everyone in the university - students, lecturers, administrators and any other person or groups of persons are directly touched by this, the University Management is assisting greatly to increase our capacity through effective equipping our capacity through effective equipment, training and staffing as an on-going process. We believe that with a consistent effort in thin direction, we shall soon attain an optimum performance level.

Thank you.


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