Pius Olatunji Olaojo


I. (a) Name: Pius Olatunji Olaojo

(b) Date of Birth: 4 September, 1969

(c) Department: Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies (Formerly Abadina

Media Resource Centre)

(d) Faculty: Education

II (a) First Academic Appointment: Junior Research Fellow, 29 September, 2005

(b) Present Post (with date): Research Fellow I, October, 2011

III (a) University Education (with dates):

(i) University of Ibadan 1995 – 1999

(ii) University of Ibadan 2000 – 2003

(iii) University of Ibadan 2004 – 2013

IV Academic qualifications (with dates and granting bodies)

(i) BLIS - University of Ibadan - 1999

(ii) Master of Library Studies – University of Ibadan - 2003

(iii) Doctor of Philosophy – University of Ibadan - 2013

V Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (with Dates)

(i) Bachelor of Library and Information Studies - 1999

(ii) Certified Librarian of Nigeria - 2012

VII Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Leaned Societies

(i) Member, National Association of Special Education Teachers - 1999 to date

(ii) Member, Nigerian Library Association - 1995 to date

(iii) Member, Nigerian Library Association Oyo State - 2006 to date

(iv) Member, Nigerian School Library Association - 2005 to date

(v) Member, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria - 2008 to date

(vi) The Librarian of the Year, Nigerian Library Association

Oyo State Chapter - 2009

VIII Details of Teaching/Work Experience

(i) Assistant Librarian - 21st January, 2003 to 28th September, 2005

(ii) Junior Research Fellow - 29th September, 2005 to September, 2008

(iii) Research Fellow II - 1st October, 2008 to September, 2011

(iv) Research Fellow I - 1st October, 2011 to date

(a) Courses Taught at the University Level

1 Postgraduate Courses

(i) AMR 702: Curriculum Resources and Services in the Media Centre. (30hrs/2011/2012-2013/2014)

(ii) AMR 703: Marketing Strategies for Media Resources and Information Centres (30hrs/2011/2012-2013/2014)

(iii) AMR 704: User Services in Media House and Educational Resource Centre (30hrs/2011/2012-2013/2014)

(iv) AMR 706: Local, State and National Education Centres and Studies Centres. (30hrs/2011/2012-2013/2014)

(b) Supervision of Projects

1 MSM Projects

(i) 2011/2012 - 2 Students

2 MMRM Projects

(i) 2012/2013 - 1 Student

IX Research

(a) Completed

Mentioned below are researches carried out and completed by me:

(1) Relevance of School Library media Centre to Social Science Subject Learning Outcomes in Senior Secondary Schools of Oyo State, Nigeria

The study detailed the vital nature of the school library media centre (SLMC) to any result oriented teaching-learning situation. The place occupied by the SLMC in schools and the importance of social science subjects in senior secondary school (SSS) was carefully presented. The study highlighted existing SLMC for SSS students in Oyo State, their relevance and determined the influence of use on learning outcomes. The study revealed that the use of SLMC has significant effect on social science curricula implementation in SSS in Oyo State, Nigeria.

(2) Co-Researcher – Kolawole Akinjide Aramide Availability, Use and Performance of Electronic Library in a Nigeria University: a Case Study of Tai Solarin University, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria

The study focused on the availability, use and performance of electronic library with particular emphasis on Tai Solarin University of Education e-Library. It discussed the range of collection of e-resources available for use, and how mush the electronic is able to meet the teaching, learning and research needs of the students. The study revealed that e-Books, charts, e-journals, e-magazines/newspapers, available for students use, though the students do not make regular use of these resources, which may be due to lack of appropriate skills to use these facilities.

(3) Co-Researcher – Adewuyi, Olugbenga W. Consultancy and Information Services: the Nigeria Perspective.

The paper defined consultancy service and gave characteristics of consulting business, reasons why consultancy is desirable as well as who needs consultants. The paper argues that information producers/workers, notably, librarians, archivists, are becoming more gradually and aggressively consultants in their chosen profession through what can be referred to as information marketing with appropriate pricing of information services and

(4) Co-Researcher – Gbotosho, Ajibola ‘Sunmade and Bolarinwa, Omolara M. Promoting Information and Librarianship in Nigeria Through Research Publications: The Role of Female Academics.

The study investigated the previous contributions of female academics in the filed of information and librarianship for information development through their female academics in information and librarianship profession in Nigeria are active participants in national information development. Also, there is room for improvement especially in the area of research for professional development Authors challenges new entrants to take the profession to the next level through research.

(5) Co-Researcher – Gbotoso, Sumnade Ajibola Availability and Utilization of Audio-Visual Media in social studies Instruction at the Junior Secondary level in Oyo State.

The study examined the availability and utilization of audio-visual media in social studies instruction at the JSS level in Ibadan South East Local Government Area of Oyo State. The research was designed to determine the extent to which audio visual media are available and utilized. Findings reveal among and non-availability, in some schools, of certain audio visual media germane to the teaching and learning of social studies.

(6) Co-Researchers – Gbotosho, Ajibola ‘Sunmade and Ladipo, Sunday Olusola Teacher Librarians’ Basic Skills for Ensuring Lifelong Literacy of Students with Special Needs.

The paper emphasized that lifelong literacy is intended for every student regardless of the physical attributes of such an individual, status or other similar considerations. It also discussed needed skills expected o be possessed by any teacher librarians that worth his/her salt in providing leadership and ensuring effective lifelong literacy of students with special needs. The study suggest that there is need for the teacher librarian to make some modifications and adjustments so as to be able to deliver on the assignment of educating students with special needs in a lifelong literacy programme of the school.

(7) Co-Researchers – Kolawole Akinjide Aramide and Adetoun E. Adekanye Pattern of Access and ICT Usage among Science Teachers in Federal Unity Schools in Nigeria.

The study investigated the pattern of ICT access and use among science teachers in Federal Unity Schools (FUS) in Nigeria. The study revealed that there is low level of access to laboratory-based ICT facilities. Also, the study showed that specialized classroom/laboratory and science laboratory are the most preferred location of ICT access by science teachers. The study further revealed a low level of ICT use among science teachers.

It also revealed a low level of ICT use for laboratory-based/experiment-based activities. Also, positive relationship and joint significant relationships were established among variables.

(b) In progress

(1) Effect of information Technologies Access and Use on the Academic Achievement of National Diploma Studenst in a Nigerian College of Agriculture and Technology

(2) Information and Communication Technologies Application in Nigerian Libraries: Needs, Impact and Challenges in Tertiary Institutions

(c) Dissertation and Thesis

Olaojo, P. O. (2013) Influence of Availability and Teachers’ Utilization of Library – Media Resources on Students’ Cognitive Achievement in Secondary School Social Science Subjects in Oyo State, Nigeria. Unpublished Doctor of Philosophy Thesis in Library and Information Studies, University of Ibadan. xiii, 137p.

(X) Publications

(a) Books already published

1. D. F. Elaturoti, I. O. Fagbeja, H. K. Kolade, D. B. Oniyide, P. O. Olaojo and K. A. Aramide (2009): Approach to Organizing Learning resources in School Library Media Centre and other Libraries. Ibadan: Omoniyi Artisitics Printers. 138p.

(b) Chapter in Books already published

2. Kolade, H. K. and Olaojo, P. O. (2008): The Role of School Library in Promoting Life-Long Education. In M. Boucouvalas and R. Aderinoye (Eds.) Educating for Millennium Development: Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd. Pages 195 – 209.

*3. Olaojo, P. O. (2012): Back-of–the-Book Index: Importance, Compilation and Execution. In Adejumoke S. Ajibola (Ed.) Book Publishing in Nigeria: Contemporary Issues. Ibadan: Manifold Grace Publishers. Pages 88 – 98.

*4. Olaojo, P. O., Ogundeji, V.A. and Oketona, S. O. (2013) Importance of School Library Media Resource Centre in Creative and Effective Teaching in Secondary Schools. In M.A. Araromi, O.A. Moronkola and J. A. Ademokoya (Eds.) Teaching and Evaluation in Regular and Special Secondary Schools (An Effective and Creative Approach) Ibadan: Royal People (Nigeria) ltd. Pages 115 – 136.

(e) Articles that have already appeared in learned journals

5. Olaojo, P. O. (2003): Dressing Code Compliance in Academic Libraries: a Case Study of Igbindion University Library, Okada, Nigeria. Borno Library Journal. Vol. 5 (1) 79 – 88.

6. Olaojo, P. O. and Akewukereke, A. M. (2004): Effect of Study Habits, Information Accessibility and Use on Learning Outcomes of Postgraduate Students in University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Nigerian Library and InformationScience Review Vol.22(1) 38-45

7. O. A. Okwilagwe and P. O. Olaojo (2004) Library, Archival and Information Studies (LARIS) Curricula as Determinant of Professional Job Performance in Librarianship in Nigeria. Nigerian Library and Information Science Review Vol.22(1)

8. Olaojo, P. O. and Akewukereke, M. A. (2006): Collection Development Policy: Ground Rules for Selection, Acquisition, Planning, Organization and budgeting in Academic Libraries. Library Philosophy and Practice. Vol.9(1) Fall 1-7

9. Olaojo, P. O. and Mbaka, B. O. (2006): Meeting Information Needs of Professionals Working with the Otherwise-able Students of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. Nigerian School Library Journal Vol.5(2) 67-80

10. Olaojo, P. O. and Idada, D. A. (2007): Management Issues in Nigerian School Librarianship: challenges for School Librarian in the Millennium. Nigerian School Library Journal Vol.6. 57-72

11. Ogundeji, V. A., Beko, O. O. and Olaojo, P. O. (2009): Internet Use and Librarians’ Productivity in Two University Libraries. Journal of Library, Educational Media and Information Studies Vol.1 13-24 (Now in Volume 5)

12. Olaojo, P. O. (2010): Relevance of School Library Media Centre on Social Science Subjects Learning Outcomes in Senior Secondary Schools of Oyo State, Nigeria. Nigerian School Library Journal Vol.9. 46-56

13. Adewuyi, O. W. and Olaojo, P. O. (2011): Consultancy and Information Services: the Nigerian Perspective. Nigerian Libraries Vol.44(1) 57-72

*14. Olaojo, P. O., Gbotosho, A. S. and Bolarinwa, O. M. (2011): Promoting Information and Librarianship in Nigeria Through Research Publications: The Role of Female Academics. Journal of Library, Educational Media and Information Studies Vol. 3 43-54 (Now in Volume 5)

*15. Olaojo, P. O. and Gbotosho, A. S. (2012): Availability and Utilizatoin of Audio-Visual Media in Social Studies Instruction at the Junior Secondary School Level in Oyo State. Nigerian Libraries Vol. 45(1) 28-39

*16. Olaojo, P. O., Gbotosho, A. S. and Ladipo, S. O. (2013): Teacher Librarians’ Basic Skills for Ensuring Lifelong Literacy of Students with Special Needs. Journal of Librarianship & Law Vol. 7 77-87

*17. Olaojo, P. O., Busari, I. T. and Gbotosho, A. S. (2013): Strategies of Improving Service Delivery at a State University of Technology in Nigeria. ASUU Journal of Social Sciences (A Journal of Research and Development) Vol. 2(1) 36-53

*18. Aramide, K. A., Olaojo, P. O. and Adekanye, A. E. (2013): Pattern of Access and ICT Usage among Science Teachers in Federal Unity Schools in Nigeria. Information Impact (Journal of Information and Knowledge Management) Vol. 4(2) 1-15

(f) Books, Chapters in Books and Articles already accepted for Publication.

Olaojo, P. O. Expanding the Frontiers of School Librarianship through Training of Personnel: Abadina Media Resource Centre’s Contribution. Accepted for Publication in the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan Anniversary Book.

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