Fadekemi Omobola Oyewusi


I. (a) Name Fadekemi Omobola Oyewusi

(Nee Sangowusi)

(b) Date of Birth 12 July, 1971

(c) Department Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies

(d) Faculty Education

(e) Phone no +234 8062457423

(f)Email fdkwusi@yahoo.com

II. University Education (with dates)

(a) University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1987-1991

(b) University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1992-1994

(c) University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1999-2008

III. Academic Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies)

(a) B.Ed. (Hons) Special Education University of Ibadan. Ibadan, 1991

(b) Masters in Library Studies University of Ibadan. Ibadan,1994

(c) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) University of Ibadan. Ibadan, 2008

IV. Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (with date)

(a) B.Ed. (Hons) Special Education University of Ibadan. Ibadan, 1991

(b) Masters in Library Studies (MLS) University of Ibadan. Ibadan,1994

V. Membership of Learned Societies:

Member, Nigerian Library Association

Member, Nigerian School Library Association

Member, International Association of School Librarians

Member, Reading Association of Nigeria

Member, International Reading Association

VI. Details of Teaching/ Work Experience

a) Librarian II Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso September 24 1995 - September 30 1998

b) Librarian I Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso October 1 - September 30 2001

c) Senior Librarian Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso October 1 2001 - September 30 2004

d) Principal Librarian Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso October 1 2004 - September 30 2010

e) Associate Lecturer LIB 101 (Use of Library) Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. 1999-2010

f) Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies (Frm. Abadina Media Resource Centre), University of Ibadan June 24 2010 to date

g) Senate Representative, Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan 2012-2013

Courses Taught

(a) Postgraduate Level:

AMR 702: Curriculum Resources and Services in School Library Media Centres 2010 - 2013

AMR 707: Organisation and Management of School Library Media Centres 2010 - 2013

AMR 712: Reference Sources and Services in Media Resources Centres 2010 - date

AMR 719: Media and Children’s Literature 2010 - date

AMR 801: Themes and Issues in School Media 2010 -date

AMR 804: Advance Subject Reference Sources in Disciplines 2010 - date

AMR 805: Nigerian Children and Young Adult Literature 2010 - date

VII.Some Research in Progress

  1. Library Use and Reading Habits as Predictors of Information Literacy Competencies.

The study aims to find out if there is a significant correlation between reading habits of respondents and information literacy competencies. It is also, to find out if there is a significant relationship between library use and information literacy competencies of respondents in the selected library schools. The study adopted a descriptive survey technique using a multi-stage random selection to choose four private schools. Data has been collected and analysis has been carried out.

2. Media preference as a factor influencing use of health information among young adults.

Choice of health information sources over others tends to affect information utilisation among youths especially with the availability of different media. Hence, the need to study media preference as a factor influencing use of health information among young adults. Data has been collected and analysis has been carried out.

3. Instructional media adoption as prediction of teaching effectiveness among lecturers.

Application of diverse instructional media in teaching and learning is not important due to several factors, hence the adherence to the talk and chalk method. The study aims to investigate instructional media adoption among lecturers in Nigerian Universities. The data collection instrument is being designed for the study.

  1. Electronic Media Resources utilisation as a predictor of effective publication output by Agricultural Researchers in Southwest, Nigeria

The study examines electronic media resources utilisation and effective publication output by agricultural researchers in Southwest Nigeria. The descriptive survey of correlational type was used. Four hundred and sixty two copies of the questionnaire were distributed using total enumeration technique. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistic of frequency counts, percentages, mean and standard deviation while Pearson product moment correlation was used to test the hypothesis. The draft of the article is being written.

VIII. Some Published Publications

1. Sangowusi, F. O.(1998): An Assessment of Women’s Knowledge and Attitude to Environmental Information in Nigeria. Nigerian Library and Information Science Review, Vol. 16 No 1 & 2. 95 -102. Nigeria.

2. Sangowusi, F. O. (1999): Environmental Information Dissemination and Preservation in Nigeria. Journal of African Studies. Nigeria No 5 & 6 1999. 61 – 71. Nigeria.

3. Sangowusi, F. O. (2000): Dissemination of information on Management of pesticides to rural farmers in Oyo State by OYSADEP Extension workers. Africa Journal of Developmental Studies Vol. 2 No 1 & 2. 154 -158. Nigeria.

4. Sangowusi, F. O. (2001): Library Environment and Equipment for the Visually Impaired in Nigeria. Journal of Special Education. Vol. 9 No.1. 44 -53. Nigeria.

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18. Oyewusi, F. O and Ayanlola, A. O. (2014): Effect of Mobile Phone Use on Reading Habits of Private Secondary School Students in Oyo State, Nigeria. School Libraries Worldwide Vol 20, No 1, 134-145. (January) USA


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