F.O. Olanrewaju

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F.O. Olanrewaju


B.Sc. (Ibadan); MNSE, MNIM, AM.NITAD


Telephone: +234-803-381-2417

Email: of.olanrewaju@mail.ui.edu.ng

Felix Oluleke Olanrewaju graduated with a B. Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ibadan in 1987. He joined the University as an Industrial Coordinator in 1992 after some working experience in the private sector. He was promoted to the post of a senior Industrial Coordinator in 1996, Principal Industrial Coordinator in 1999, Assistant Chief Industrial Coordinator in 2002 and finally Chief Industrial Coordinator in 2006. He is a Member of Nigerian Society of Engineers and Associate Member of Nigerian Institute for Training And Development (NITAD). He is the current Vice Chairman of NITAD, Ibadan Branch.